Email and Website hosting for Start-up Business


You made it! Ok so you’re starting or have started your new business and along with sorting out bank accounts and getting the business registered, finding an accountant, or bookkeeper – you’re now thinking email and website.

We specialise in new business starters and are more than happy to give advice on the best domain name for your business, guiding you with your marketplace. Is it a .com for international or a for the domestic market.

Does the domain name have to be the same as your business name? NO, it doesn’t. Ideally, it needs to describe your business or what you do and if possible where you are, especially if your location is fixed (doctors, retailers etc).

Email: This can be setup very quickly, usually within a couple of hours and you’ll be sent a guide on how to configure your email account on your PC, Phone, Tablet etc.

Website: This will take a bit longer as we will need a script from you. Does the business have a logo? If not we know someone that can help. What are the colours? Images for the site are needed to match the text.

So how much will the hosting of your email and two websites cost? Only £180+VAT a year.

Websites design cost – well how long is a piece of string. We’ll quote you based on how many pages your site needs and how customised you want it etc.

To get your email and website hosting sorted today, simply email – or call 07976 378673.