Getting started & on the net from £250+VAT

If you run a business it’s become even more important now days to get yourself and your business on the net. Old fashioned methods like phone directories are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. I can’t remember when I last used a directory, I tend to just Google it and if your not there well your business is at a major disadvantage its tripped at the first fence. So with this in the back of our minds we Wessex hosting  and Futuresys (my web designers) have come up with a “starter pack” which for as little as £250+VAT will give you a 3 page website enough to get your message across i.e who you are, what you do and where you are. Pro Templates are also available for an extra £250+VAT on top of the cost of a Starter Template. See below for more information.

The £250+VAT is a one off cost the only other cost would be the annual hosting which can be settled on either a monthly basis or in one go which ever is the better for you. While your at it you might as well get your Company e-mail sorted -having the same matching domain name  as your website does tend to make your business look more professional rather than web site of and mail address of for example. For both mail and website hosting with stats to tell you how well its all going, mail filtering of spam and viruses, web mail for just £15 a month.
Further down the line as you need your website to do more for you, there is the option of having a WordPress site which you can manage yourself edit as and when you want- you could go for this from the start for £560+VAT or if you wish to upgrade you just pay the difference.

We currently have 5 new templates, available in a range of colours. Here is an example of one of my customers who has given me permission to use his site:

As well as our Starter Templates, we are now pleased to announce a new suite of Pro Templates. Pro Templates are for people who want to get up and running on the web quickly, without the added cost of paying for custom designs but with a website that looks and feels professional. Our templates are clean, sleak and suitable for a multitude of organisations or individuals in varying fields.

Starting from £500+VAT for a static website, we can also arrange a self-managed system using WordPress where you will have full control over the content of your website (at an extra cost).

  • Etiquette


  • Prestige


  • Polished


  • Steamworks


  • Radiance


  • Metro


  • Midnight


  • Retrosponsive


  • Ambition


  • Tabloid


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