About Us, Wessex Hosting


Mark Farrell, Managing Director

I have been involved with hosting and managing our servers since 2001. I used to be a director of a small IT company based in Hampshire, where I setup our current servers. For family reasons I left and moved to Wiltshire and setup my own business, Wessex Hosting, with the goal of trying to be greener and more focused, especially on the requirements of customers. A win, win situation for everyone.

Why Wessex Hosting? Well we are based in pretty much the centre of what was the old kingdom of Wessex (we are 2-3 miles from Stonehenge). Wessex as you may or may not know, was it was a Saxon Kingdom that covered Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Devon, Dorset and Somerset were the core of the kingdom and expanding out to Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire at its peak before the Norman conquest.

GREEN you decided?

While we do run a lot of servers, we make sure that the hardware is as energy efficient as possible. Our blade centres with 20 servers per centre consuming less that 3AMPS or 720Watt. That power consumption could easily be consumed by just 2 powerful virtual servers that would be pushed to host 20 servers. We try to keep to a minimum the number of trips we have to make to Docklands, thus keeping our carbon foot print as low as possible. We achieve this by as much as possible utilising clever remote access and preconfigured scripts and lots and lots of resilience through hardware redundancy. Our office uses ITX technology which mean, the office PCs consume about 30-40watts each, this is about the same as an old fashioned light bulb. We also have solar panels to try and reduce our power demands. Billing is done via email thus reducing paper consumption as well. We always make a conscious effort.