Project updates

Greetings This Friday the 09/12/11 between 6-12 midnight we will be doing some work on our servers upgrading switches etc there will be some temporay outages while we unplug and plug back in. Other wise this should gove our customers running shops and database driven site a improvment in speed. Seasons greeting to you. Mark

Power outage

Sorry to say that this morning Wednesday 27/7/2011 the data centre we use had a massive power failure- apparently due to works for Olympics, it took the whole data centre down and the 1000s of servers and 100s of companies. All I can do is appolgise for the outage , but it was truly out of our hand but […]

Database work

After a long bank holiday weekend of work , you may have notice the odd outage but we did try to keep it to a minium. As of last night at 23:30 we are now running on 2 new improved database servers that do seem to run a bit quicker. The NAS/SAN are now being […]

San and Nas testing

May sound uninteresting but it one of those jobs where you thrash the living day lights out of them non stop over a long bank holiday weekend, part from the family complaining about the noise they passed with flying colours even in this stunning heat. So the hardware is ready, looks like we’ll be looking […]

Data base and SAN upgrades

We are hoping with in the next 2-3 weeks to upgrade our database servers and install a SAN and upgrade our NAS servers as well. This will mean some minor interruptions to service but hopefully we are talking minutes not hours as we retire and upgrade. This will give us all  greater stability, faster responding system and […]

Important information

June: we’re proposing to move data centres to Reading which will be easier to get to should there be an issue that needs us onsite.