What’s in the Pipeline? Our Expanding Hosting Services

No More Microsoft Exchange:

We are currently looking at a fantastic business collaboration tool called Zimbra which we have on long term trial. This product will act effectively as an installation of Microsoft Exchange enabling you to sorting out your email into mailboxes and archives etc without the hassle and cost of buying a dedicated server and the Microsoft Exchange software to run on it – http://www.zimbra.com/learn/zimbra-demos-cheat-sheet.html

Reduced Telephone Charges:

We are trialling a VOIP service with a virtual PBX and fax to email tool etc.

Data Centre Expansion:

We are currently planning a new site to host our servers, this being a failover site, giving us a level of resilience that would match the big boys like BT etc. The site is a former bunker on a military site so the security is tight, which is great news for our customers.

We will keep you up to date with developments, if you have any ideas of what you would like to see please contact us.

Ok as promised there are some changes in the pipeline for practical reason. Now that I’m based in Wiltshire its takes anything up to 3-4 hrs to get to docklands. Now apart from the traveling times if there was a major issue which required me to be onsite thats just to long. So in June I’m proposing to move data centres closer to home in Reading which will be cheaper to get to and more importantly qiucker should there be an issue that needs me onsite.

We hope to do this with minimal disruption to our services so we are already planning it to reduce the downtime as much as possible.