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Useful links and Guides on how to use it*Web mail– Hengemail- ,

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*AV & SPAM FILTERS– please note that in your web mail you will find a spam folder which is where you can retrieve miss place mails or add. By adding mail the filters will learn. You can adjust your filter limits in your control panel.



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PDF-How to setup it up and useful hints and links

FTP Services– these can be accessed via your control panel

PDF-How to use it and useful hints.

Website Stats -these can be accessed via your control panel

PDF-How to use it and useful hints

Removing mail from the server

Where /the servers/config/

We have over 100 servers currently in Meridian Gate (part of Redbus group) in the Docklands. Our servers are in a secure building with redundancy built in for power with backup generators and  Uninterpretable Power Supply (UPS). As for connections to the internet, we have several network links all with automated fail over on each connection. The current vogue is for as many of the processes to be done in a virtual world, this means one machine running multiple servers which results in lots of eggs in one basket. The way we do it is to build in as much resilience through redundancy by having servers on standby to cut in when the work load increases to a point that services will slow down or if a server should fail. While we have 100+ servers they aren’t all running at the same time. Approximately half of our servers are running at any one time hence the huge resilience and redundancy we are able to offer our customers. Traditionally hosting charges have been calculated on the amount of space that the servers physically require in the data centre, but now with energy costs being a major consideration we receive charges from the data centre that are calculated by the AMP (electricity used) instead . This is why we have so many servers mostly off and waiting to come into action.

rack 1

Rack 1, fibre links , Blade servers, smaller Nas

rack 2

rack 2 blades

lower half of rack 2

lower part of rack 2