Hosting Services for Email, Websites, Blogs, Forums, FTP and more

Domain Name Registration – Our domain name registration services are the perfect way to promote yourself, your brand or your business to the world.

Website and Email Hosting – Our website and email hosting services are a reliable and affordable way to host your website, mail boxes and more.

Getting started – Getting the right domain name, getting a suitable domain, getting it registered to you

Mail – POP mail (manual collection) /forwarding to your office server.

Email Hosting – Secure, reliable email hosting.

Spam filtering –  As for spam well that’s such a damn new-sense and costly in the respects of time and money wasted by  you and your team manually filtering and deleting. The system isn’t 100% full proof and is setup in such away that some will always get through. As we prefer to let some through than have it so tight that genuine mail/business could be stopped.

Web mail – Our web mail services can be found at Just enter your full e-mail address and your password.This gives you the ability to collect and send mail anywhere provided you can get access to the net.

Website hosting – From development-hosting –database driven websites-SSl and shops

Blogs – Basically an online diary that ideally you put in daily events or thoughts. These are becoming quite popular because the big search engines are looking for fast moving and dynamic websites that they rate more highly than static ones i.e because you are adding text to your site in your blog the engines see new content being added and rate it higher thus you and your business creep up the pages, making yourselves easier to find.

Forums – Forums are a good way to get feedback and encourage people  to chat put questions across and develop a community.

Notice boards – Pretty self explanatory, but very useful for up and coming events more aimed at clubs  and comunitys groups. A lot easier that having to right new web pages for scheduled events every ¼.

FTP services – Another useful service for up and downloading files images etc to people outside your office, be it field staff or customer. You could hold  presentation documents or brochures or manuals that your customers could down load only with your permission as this is secure storage.

Twitter – very much up and coming to all areas of life so why not add it to your website.

Branding services – Be it branding of you e-mails i.e a template that you and your staff can use giving you that large cooperate look. May be you wish to have a ftp area that you customers can download large files/documents etc that you want branded.  Example of e-mail template……….link

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