Late 2014 TLDS

New TLD launch plans and dates are still quite changeable. Below you’ll find a list of some of the extensions that are most likely to go live. Note that all dates are subject to change.

Notes: Sunrise launch dates are subject to change. Sunrise types, where shown include Auction (60 days), or First Come, First Served (FCFS) and are subject to change.

.BLOG Generic Late 2014 This TLD will provide a dedicated namespace to blog-related websites, blogging entities and bloggers around the world.
.BOOK Generic Late 2014 An extension aimed at a wide variety of book-related users: bookstores, publishers, critics, dedicated readers or book clubs.
.BUY Generic Late 2014 With .buy, you can enhance and develop your consumer’s experiences when they shop online.
.INC Generic Late 2014 The “.INC” gTLD will be exclusively available to members of the Registered Community of Registered Corporations, as verified through each applicant’s U.S. Secretary of State’s Office or legally applicable jurisdiction.
.LLC Generic Late 2014 The “.INC” gTLD will be exclusively available to businesses representing themselves as Limited Liability Companies by including LLC., in their business names.
.MUSIC Closed Late 2014 This extension gives music entities and the music community a unique identity online and a validated industry standard for official music websites.
.SHOP Generic Late 2014 .shop is a domain for the e-commerce community. It is simple, clear and will instantly identify online commerce sites.
.SITE Generic Late 2014 .SITE
.WEB Generic Late 2014 As a versatile and fitting TLD for any website, the new .WEB TLD could literally give .COM a run for its money.