Nov TLD Launch List

New TLD launch plans and dates are still quite changeable. Below you’ll find a list of some of the extensions that are most likely to go live. Note that all dates are subject to change.

Notes: Sunrise launch dates are subject to change. Sunrise types, where shown include Auction (60 days), or First Come, First Served (FCFS) and are subject to change.

.CAMERA Generic 2013-11 Auction .camera will be space for businesses to reach their target audiences and for camera aficionados to share tips, talk equipment, discuss their love of photography.
.CLOTHING Generic 2013-11 Auction An extension aimed at the clothing and textile industry, be it fashion, design or commerce.
.EQUIPMENT Generic 2013-11 Auction The domain space to sell, lease, advertise, rent or buy specialized equipment – whether in agriculture, construction, medicine or any other technical field.
.GURU Generic 2013-11 Auction Find an expert or give expert advice with a .guru domain. This extensions offers a place to find a community of specialists, no matter what the subject!
.HOLDINGS Generic 2013-11 Auction The extension where holding companies can create their parent websites and advertise their brands to stakeholders, customers, and partners.
.LIGHTING Generic 2013-11 Auction Bring your product out of the dark and target your retail, restaurant, hotel, and gallery lighting clients.
.SINGLES Generic 2013-11 Auction Put yourself out there and meet someone new in this space, tailored to the needs of singles everywhere.
.VENTURES Generic 2013-11 Auction This TLD offers a place to introduce your idea to investors and make the most professional and innovative impression possible.
.VOYAGE Generic 2013-11 Auction A place for travellers, travel agents and tour companies to share offers, give tips, and connect locally and globally.