TLDS Launch Jan 2014

New TLD launch plans and dates are still quite changeable. Below you’ll find a list of some of the extensions that are most likely to go live. Note that all dates are subject to change.

Notes: Sunrise launch dates are subject to change. Sunrise types, where shown include Auction (60 days), or First Come, First Served (FCFS) and are subject to change.

.BID Generic 2014-01
.CLUB Generic 2014-01
.EMAIL Generic 2014-01 Email is all about helping us stay in touch in a hyper-connected world, and .EMAIL will make the perfect companion to that mission as the Internet and its users move into the future.
.FOO Generic 2014-01
.MENU Generic 2014-01 The top-level domain designed especially for the online needs of chefs, restaurants, food enthusiasts, and anyone who is creating a menu of any kind whatsoever.
.ONL Generic 2014-01
.WIEN Geo 2014-01